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“It is a process of diverting one’s scattered forces into one powerful channel”


I believe that if I help you flourish by giving you personal guidance and service, chances are; you’ll be so gracious to patronize at least one of the businesses I display on this web site, as a means of giving back. After all, you’ll get a chance to know before hand that my service, expertise, and ideas will work for you.

My goal for is very straight forward. To help you in any way I can with my expertise in:

* Live Telephone Call Transfer / Dispatched Leads Contact for details
* Custom Lead Generation – US/CA/UK/EURO – Business – Consumer
* Social Media Marketing Expert For Hire Contact for details
* List Management – Live Feed – Legacy Data Monetization
* Database List Broker and Monetization Specialist Contact for details
* Advertising – Cost Per Lead – Cost Per Acquistition – Cost Per Sale – Email Marketing
* Video Marketing and Syndication Specialist Contact for details
* Affiliate Marketing Management Consulting
* Product or Service Spokesman For Hire Contact for details
* Internet Marketing Management Consulting
* Mobile Marketing Consultant / Media Buyer Contact for details


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Generations Marketing is a results driven, optimal performance based orgnizational network of professionals and companies that provide only superior quality products, services, and content to our network of partners, clients, and listeners.

Whether you do your own in-house lead generation or not, if you want to make it big in today’s business environment, you need to outsource and leverage your lead generation acquisition to boost your business’s performance and star power!

WARNING: Crowd Surfing is Prohibited and Dangerous!

In today’s business environment, it has become more challenging to uncover new sales leads. My team and network has the experience and has successfully proven lead generation techniques to “totally crush” your marketing and sales pipeline to provide hot qualified sales-ready leads to your business in a matter of weeks, not months!

The success of our network’s full-service performance-based marketing campaigns are through the powerful medium of the Internet. We optimize seven of the most important revenue channels which include:

* Affiliate Marketing
* Email Marketing
* Mobile Marketing
* Search-Engine Marketing
* Social Network Marketing
* Telemarketing
* Re-Seller Networks

Through our network, we connect thousands of qualified customers to online advertisers. We operate on a performance-based model, so advertisers and publishers enjoy the benefits of custom online advertising campaigns that are consistently monitored for their best performances.

We have come together as a network of industry-leading “Super Star Affiliates” and “Data Monetization” marketing experts, to provide you performance solutions to:

* Jumpstart Your Product or Service
* Improve Your Conversion Rates via Re-Marketing
* Grow Your Sales Pipeline with Predictive Daily Volume
* Increase Your Sales Productivity with Lead Qualification

My network’s star power can generate high performance lead generation in all 50 states, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and LATAM countries for the following categories:

* Debt Settlement
* Debt Management
* Payday Lending
* Credit Cards
* Travel
* Home Warranty
* Home Services
* Auto Warranty
* Auto Loans
* Education
* Mortgage
* Real Estate
* Insurance (Health, Auto, Life, Annuity, Home, Identity Theft)
* Business Opportunities
* Dating
* Daily Deals
* Cell Phone
* Consumer Products and Services
* And More!

We are results driven to optimize your lead generation campaigns for maximum ROI. Receive your leads via email daily batch files, live call transfers, or in real time to your lead management system or CRM solution! Get the “Red Carpet” treatment you truly deserve!

Our goal is to leverage and maximize your performance, revenue potential, and of course star power! Our lead generation clients recognize our network as a credible, trustworthy, efficient, and an effective performers to partner with!

Discover How To Grow Your Sales by Uncovering More Qualified Leads!


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“Chad Deckard clearly and accurately shows others how to pave their way to online riches! Follow his proven, practical strategies to kickstart and skyrocket your online success!”

Mike Litman
Co-Author #1 Best-Seller
Conversations with Millionaires:
What Millionaires Do To Get Rich,
That You Never Learned About In School!

“We’ve used Chad’s products and services for several years because of their high quality and most importantly, because the customer and technical support we’ve received has always been superior. We’ve personally met Chad on
several occasions and have been extremely impressed with his eMarketing knowledge, honesty and integrity. He’s a professional’s professional and he really knows how to serve!”

Tracy & Patrick Monteforte
Razor Sharp Automated Tools and Resources
to help you market like an Internet Guru!

“In the last year I spent time with Chad (and his brilliant mind). He produces new Internet Marketing strategies that never cease to amaze me. On top of that they are common sense super powerful insights that others miss completely!”

Rod Cook
America’s MLM Consultants

The MLM WatchDog

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